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Autoimmune Disease (Connective Tissue Disease)

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease after I couldn't move my elbow for several days due to pain. It was a shock to have this sort of diagnosis at the age of thirty and because it was in my family, I knew I had to take measures to prevent it from getting worse. Dr. Jen got me on a meal plan to reduce the overall inflammation in my body. She also had me on an easy vitamin regimen to help my situation. After the first 2 weeks my energy levels skyrocketed. The pain was reduced and I actually felt healthy. Her meal plans and visits have shown me that with the right help, I really can make a difference in my own health.

K.L., Vancouver, BC


Abdominal Pain and Low Energy

After battling with severe abdominal pain on and off for several months which caused me to have to stop working, I was recommended to see Dr. Jen Dyck. My energy was at an all time low and my stress was beginning to increase from being out of work and with a family to take care of. After my first visit with Dr. Jen, her treatment and dietary recommendations stopped my abdominal pain within one week. My energy came back up and I felt better than I had in a long time. With regular follow ups every few months, my health is re-assessed and I have continued to improve to the point where I can now play with my two children and am back to work full-time!

P.S., Victoria, BC


​Osteoarthritis and Facial Paralysis

I am an eighty-year-old woman who had been suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis for over a year. I tried different pain medications and when these no longer worked I turned to Dr. Jennifer Dyck. I had 6 acupuncture sessions with her and even after the first treatment, I woke up with less pain and my ability to walk increased dramatically. Her treatments did not only focus on my knee, however. Following a recent surgery, I had some paralysis on the left side of my face around my eye and jaw. After the first session with Dr. Jennifer, my eyelid was no longer droopy and I could feel my earlobe. The medical doctors had told me not to expect full recovery, but thanks to the Doctor's acupuncture, I did!  I now see her for maintenance treatments and to check in with my overall health. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to have less pain in their life.

Sincerely L.S., Victoria, BC


Irregular Periods and Mood Swings​

After over a year of irregular periods, mood swings, and skin problems, I decided to have my saliva hormones tested to see where their levels were at. After my first visit with Dr. Jen, I did the test and when the results came back, she had a plan for me to help balance my hormones and cortisol. With the help of supplements and good food, my symptoms have diminished and my periods have become much more regular.

H.K., Victoria, BC

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