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Bone Broth; my new quick fix for a sore tummy!

I love trying new foods and supporting my local farms, markets, and restaurants. But this past weekend, the amount of food paired with rich sauces I indulged in was a bit more than I was used to. 12 hours later I didn't feel so hot, and water and my morning smoothie just weren't doing the trick to soothe what felt like hot knives in my stomach. As I was searching through my cupboards, fridge and finally freezer, I found a pouch of Boned Broth I had generously received at the Victoria Health Show the weekend prior. So I warmed it up on the stove, and voila! The perfect soup for soothing and actually healing what was happening in my gastrointestinal tract. Boned Broth sources their beef and chicken bones from the most respected organic meat suppliers across North America. These farms focus on ethically raised and grass-fed animals free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemical feed additives. All super important in my books, but the medicinal value was what I was desperately searching for... The two cups of broth I prepared contained important nutrients for healing my sensitive and inflamed digestive tract. Collagen, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate along with a hefty dose of highly digestible and absorbable amino acids, including L-glutamine. Glutamine is the ultimate amino acid for gut healing. It is the major food source for the cells that line our digestive tract and is also responsible for supporting a healthy immune system and improving muscle function. Add to that is Glycine- a building block of our master antioxidant Glutathione and a supporter of healthy sleep, Proline- another helper for leaky gut, and Arginine- perfect for helping heal multiple tissues in our bodies. With the addition of local organic vegetables and herbs, it tasted delightful. And yes, you can make homemade bone broth and add all your favourite veggies and spices, but for a quick fix for a sore tummy, this was my choice, and you can pick up at your local health food store in the freezer section.


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